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Flying (Expandis version)

My first solo album!

Very much in the same style as Expandis, this album features a mix of songs, instrumentals and synthesiser work outs!

The instruments used on this album included the usual 'Expandis' synthesisers plus a hired Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and a borrowed Multimoog and Hohner Clavinet.

For more info see the original release page click here.

Missing Picture

Album Details

This is my first solo album (1983) its under the 'Expandis' banner to make sure it is not confused with my 1987 album of the same name. A digitally remastered and restored version with a new bonus track featuring Terry Pack on fretless bass.

  1. A Real Fire
  2. Framing Myself
  3. Some People
  4. Nine Percent
  5. Build a Machine
  6. Colonade
  7. Flying 1 and 2
  8. Flying 3
  9. Spindizzy
  10. Flying 4
  11. Touchdown
  12. Beachcombing


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