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Tibetan Meditation

Originally conceived as a follow up to 'Tibetan Horn' (my 1993 collaboration with Stephen Cragg), and with the working title 'Visions of Tibet', this album underwent a radical transformation during production, emerging as a much more meditational sound while still retaining most of its original vision.
New World Music

Dreamscapes - 2001 release

Album Details

Released 2003 by New World Music.

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  1. Meditation
  2. A Welcome Return
  3. The View From The Pass
  4. Mandala: Ascent
  5. Temple Valley
  6. Mandala: Equilibrium
  7. Lotus Dance
  8. Chant of Souls
  9. Resolution


  • Phil Thornton - keyboards, temple bells, bamboo flute, tibetan singing bowls, percussion programming and performance
  • Grant Young - fretless bass
  • Mike Rogers - tibetan thighbone
  • Hanna Burchell - tibetan singing bowls, cymbals and gongs

All tracks Composed and produced by Phil Thornton tracks 7, 8 and 9 arranged with David Roberts.

Special thanks to Harvey Summers for additional sound design

Recorded at the Expandibubble Studio and at the Mandragora Studio (engineer - Al Jenkins)

Mixed at the Expandibubble Studio

Mastered by Eventide Mediacraft


~ Original sleeve notes ~

A distant temple bell sounds, as the unmistakable tones of the ancient tradition of meditational chant resonate, creating an ambience of meditative calm.

Inspired by the very distinctive culture and music of Tibet, Phil Thornton has created an exceptional album that captures the very essence of Tibetan music. As you listen to the sounds of overtone chanting, Tibetan singing bowls, the Ragdung, cymbals, gongs, and the Tibetan thighbone, take time to reflect, explore and discover.


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