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Here you will find details of all the albums that I have released to date, with personal comments from me as well as track listings, etc.

Title Company Year
All We Have Is Now Expandisongs 2016
The Complete Home Expandis Expandisongs 2016
Pure Tibetan Bowls 2016
The Brigand's song 2015
Rejuvenation NWM 2015
Initiation 2014
Visions of Tibet New World Music 2013
RISE Expandisongs 2013
Flying (Expandis) Expandisongs 2012
Special Limited Edition DVD - A Global Voyage Bexhill Museum 2012
Living like this Expandisongs 2011
Not Waving, I'm Drowning Expandisongs 2011
Tribal Spirit FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. 2011
Egypt Unveiled ARC 2011
Angelic Harmony New World Music 2010
Nexus Tribal Expandisongs 2009
Rhythm of the rainforest. New World Music 2009
Enchanted Egypt New World Music 2005
Zen Beats Smith & Co/Libra Films  2004
Tibetan Meditation New World Music 2003
The Buddha Experience DVD Balance and Harmony 2003
Bathtime Bliss Spectrum 2002
The Buddha Experience collection Balance and Harmony 2002
Native American Chants Balance and Harmony 2002
Capoeira Balance and Harmony 2002
Dreamscapes New World Music 2001
Illusions New World Music 2001
Solstice New World Music 1999
Immortal Egypt New World Music 1998
Eternal Egypt New World Music 1996
Alien Encounter New World Music 1996
Sorcerer New World Music 1996
Beyond Heaven's River Disky 1995
Shaman New World Music 1995
Pharaoh New World Music 1995
While the Green Man Sleeps Mystic Stones 1993
Alchemy New World Music 1993
Tibetan Horn New World Music 1993
Between Two Worlds New World Music 1991
Fire Queen New World Music 1991
Initiation New World Music 1990
Natural Magic New World Music 1990
Forever Dream Disky 1989
Transformation New World Music 1989
From Another Sky New World Music 1988
Flying Disky 1987
Edge of Dreams New World Music 1986
Cloud Sculpting New World Music 1986
Flying (Expandis Version) Expandisongs 1983
Complete Home Expandis Expandisongs 1982
Not Waving, I'm Drowning Underground 1981


All album covers reproduced with kind permission of license holders.