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With this album I have tried to focus on my own experiences.

Dream interpretation can be a valuable tool in understanding one's self. Amongst the many different types of dream is the visionary or spiritual dream. A revelation of this type can bring into focus the symmetry of the Universe, and is I believe one of our most valuable ways of developing self awareness.
New World Music

Dreamscapes - 2001 release

Album Details

Released 2001 by New World Music.

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  1. Eagle Dream
  2. In Search of Avalon
  3. Edge of Dreams
  4. Desert Dream
  5. A Travellers Dream
  6. Arcadia
  7. Forest Pathways
  8. A Lover's dream

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  • Phil Thornton - treble/descant/ bass recorders, chicken flute, bamboo flute, E-bow guitar, keyboards, synthesisers and percussion
  • Nigel Shaw - eagle whistle, yew flute and double cedar flute
  • Grant Young - fretless bass
  • Al Jenkins - fretless bass
  • Hossam Ramzy - egyptian percussion: doholla and bongos
  • Aaran McLemahan - percussion: conga drums, caba'sa, bells
  • Simon Williams - kora and gliss guitar
  • David Roberts - nylon string guitar
  • Stuart Jones - piano on 'A Lover's Dream'

All music composed and arranged by Phil Thornton, except track 8 written with Stuart Jones.

Produced by Phil Thornton at the Expandibubble Studio, East Sussex.

Additional recording at:

  • The Seventh Wave Music Studio, Devon
  • The Mandragora Studio, Brighton, East Sussex
  • The Jam Jar Studio, Birmingham
  • Coronette Studios, Cairo, Egypt and Hossam Ramzy’s private studio.

Mastered by Eventide Mediacraft.

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