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Eternal Egypt

This album was inspired by the story of Archie Belaney - born in Hastings in 1888. A true 'local hero'.

At the age of 18 he travelled to Canada to realise his dream of living as a Native American in the great Wilderness. He spent many years living with the Ojibway tribe learning their language and customs. By the 1930's he had become a successful international writer under his adopted name of Grey Owl. Doing much to help raise awareness of the environment and the need for conservation with his lecture tours of England, Canada and the U.S.A. When he died in 1938 his origins were made public and for many years his name was discredited by the media, overshadowing his message which is only now gaining the respect which it deserves.

Phil Thornton


American Indian Chants

Album Details

Released 2002 by Balance and Harmony as part of their 'Spiritual Vitamins' series.


  • Phil Thornton - Descant,treble and bass recorders, chicken flute, didgeridoo, bonfire drum, beanpod, mexican rattles, bells, midi programming and performance.
  • Douglas Spotted Eagle - Flute performances

Composed, produced and arranged by Phil Thornton

Recorded and mixed at the 'Expandibubble' studio, Sussex

Mastered by Kevin Kendle at Eventide Mediacraft

Special thanks to:
   Douglas Morton at Q Up Arts

A donation from the proceeds of this release will be made to The American Indian Contemporary Arts Museum and Gallery.

Music from this album is featured on a Talking Pictures video: Native American Medicine (TTP 108)

This album comes with an informative booklet printed in english, german, french, dutch, italian and spanish.

Note: If you have trouble purchasing this album you can phone Disky Direct on 44 (0) 870 556 1165 and quote this number - BH790042
Price on release is '6.99 plus postage

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