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Egypt Unveiled

With the success of our "Egypt trilogy" of albums for New World Music Ltd. an opportunity arose for Hossam to invite me to collaborate with him on a new instalment of our musical journey. For the last 5 years we had been working together on other projects so we started out with many ideas and plans developed during that time.

Once again we travelled to Cairo and invited the best musicians around to work with our new material. We met up with old friends from Immortal Egypt and Enchanted Egypt and discovered exciting new players along the way including performances on an ancient reed instrument called the "arghul" rarely heard outside the region.

As usual we put all the Cairo sessions into the melting pot and started stirring, bringing in our additional performances and ideas along the way. This process fine-tuned the music towards a point where the album started to have its own "voice". From here we had a wonderfully creative time guiding the work to the conclusion you can now hear.

Egypt Unveiled

Album Details

Released 2011 by ARC

  1. Cleopatra's Secret (5:00)
  2. Planet Egypt (4:55)
  3. Pharaohniest (A Slight Return) ( 5:12)
  4. Egypt Unveiled (part 1) (2:01)
  5. Egypt Unveiled (part 2) (6:09)
  6. Sett In Stone (5:36 )
  7. Khofus's Return (5:35)
  8. The Sword Of Orion (5:30)
  9. Lindos By Night (6:10)
  10. Electribe Blues (5:47)
  11. Storm Over Giza (4.48)
  12. Om Faraon "Mother Of Pharaoh" (4.21)
  13. Om Faraon alternative mix bonus track - 5.06

Phil Thornton - keyboards, ebow guitar, distorted guitar, analogue modular and electribe synthesisers, didgeridoo

Hossam Ramzy - Egyptian / world percussion, piano

Abdalla Helmy - Kawala, Nayv

Mohamed Ali - solo violin, electric violin

Mohsen Allem - quarter tone accordion

Hazem Shaheen - Oud

Ali Shaker - Qanun

Maged Sorour - Qanun

Cairo street rappers - vocals

Sayed Al Hosseiny - Mizmar

Sayed Ramadan - Rebaba

Amin Shaheen Arghul

Grant Young - fretless bass

The Hossam Ramzy string Ensemble - Strings recorded at WAVE studio Giza, Cairo by Guirguis Kamal

CORNETT studio Cairo by Khaled Mohasseb

EXPANDIBUBBLE studio East Sussex by Phil Thornton

DRUMZY studio West Sussex by Hossam Ramzy

location recrdings - Giza, Egypt and Jersey City, USA.

mixed by Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy at DRUMZY studio.

composed, arranged and produced by Hossam Ramzy and Phil Thornton for ARC music production Int. Ltd.

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