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Bathtime Bliss

"music to bathe the senses in ripples of relaxation"

The music on this album is identical to the original New World Music release.

I think the concept behind the new packaging suits the music very well - don't feel you have to take a bath to enjoy the music though !

Bathtime Bliss

Album Details

Released 2002 on Spectrum Music and available exclusively from W H Smiths. Licensed from New World Music Limited
Originally released in 1988 by New World Music as 'From Another Sky'

  1. Through A Lover's Eyes (13:16)
  2. Tonight In A Dream (13:30)
  3. The Shining Ones (12:40)
  4. From Another Sky (14:10)

Written and performed by Phil Thornton.

Produced by Tom Newman and Phil Thornton

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