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From Another Sky

This album was mixed by Tom Newman (co-producer of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells) at his private studio over looking the sea.

Featuring Ian Barnet on acoustic guitar and a wide pallet of keyboard sounds, this was the first time I had been able to use a computer in the writing process, allowing the flow of the music to be represented in a similar way to traditional score writing while experimenting with sounds and arrangements etc.

Tom did a brilliant job mixing the album, and I have happy memories of developing the arrangements with him.

A great learning experience.

From Another Sky

Album Details

Released 1988 by New World Music.
Re-released 2002, under license from New World Music, as Bathtime Bliss.

  1. Through A Lover's Eyes (13:16)
  2. Tonight In A Dream (13:30)
  3. The Shining Ones (12:40)
  4. From Another Sky (14:10)

Written and performed by Phil Thornton.

Produced by Tom Newman and Phil Thornton


~ Original sleeve notes by Carmen Willcox ~

Phil's musical mastery evokes scenes and visions from another dimension, a world that combines a hypnotic equilibrium with unexpected glimpses of sheer beauty and revelation.

From another sky is delightfully expressive and pleasurable, being at once tantalisingly sensual and intimately restful. Spirals of multi-layered musical textures of harp, oboes, guitar and keyboards subtly entrance the senses with their sparkling clarity.

This is a genuinely unforgettable venture deep into the realm of spiritual beauty.



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