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Nexus Tribal

My trip to the gambia in early 2007 kick started a chain of events which ultimatly resulted in the release of this album..
Funded by the Uk arts council the trip was a songwriters cultural exchange allowing a variety of british based musicians to live and work closely with musicians and performers from the Wollof, Jola, Mandinka and Karandinka tribes.
The result of these collaborations became the ongoing XamXam project ( for more info see

The experience encouraged me to branch out and make an album of music inspired by tribal cultures from around the world. As this idea developed the focus shifted towards eastern european folklore and the 'tribal' dance styles emerging from the USA.
Having previously been inspired by the recording process instigated during the 'egypt' series of albums (which was based around recording sessions in Cairo with my good friend hossam ramzy the Egyptian master percussion)
I set about arranging sessions with musicians sourced through friends, personal contacts and myspace.

Starting with a couple of small 'try out' gigs in NYC a world music . fusion theme began to develop. material from this first phase ended up appearing on the album as 'yah waylay' (written with lilith) and 'edelezi trance' (which became the backdrop for Dalinda to overlay a tradional Romany song).
By Christmas 2007, I found myself in San Francisco getting to know the tribal belly dancing scene, (American Tribal Style in particular) At this point the album became more centred around music suitable for this type of performance,
Carolina Nericcio (Founder member of dance troupe Fat Chance Belly Dance and inventor of ATS) in particular proved invaluable in guiding me towards a suitable style.

Eternal Egypt

Album Details

Released 2009 by Expandisongs

  1. DUMA SA DUMA (5:16)
    - ( P Thornton . Traditional ) 140bpm
  2. BAY CITY SHIMMY (broadoak mix) (4:57)
    - ( P Thornton ) 101.9bpm
  3. GOLDEN GATE MIST (5:22)
    - ( P Thornton ) 105bpm
  4. RAQS SHEHANI (4:02)
    - ( P Thornton ) 120bpm
    - ( P Thornton ) 90bpm
  6. IN THE BUBBLE (4:41)
    -(P Thornton) 95bpm
  7. FEROZASHAH (3:58)
    - (P Thornton . S Webster) 115bpm -150bpm
  8. TRIBAL SPACE (4:21)
    - (P Thornton) 140bpm
  9. YAH WAHLEY (4:20)
    - (P Thornton .Lilith) 86bpm
  10. ALI'S MIZMAR (4:54)
    - ( P Thornton ) 91bpm
  11. EDERLEZI TRANCE (5:21)
    - ( P Thornton . traditional) 140bpm
  12. RAQS RHODOPE (5:07)
    - ( P Thornton . traditional ) 140bpm
    - (P Thornton . H Summers) 90bpm
  14. BAY CITY SHIMMY (fat chance mix) (4:16)
    - ( P Thornton ) 130bpm


  • Phil Thornton - Aud, Saz, Accordion, Moog synthesiser, Korg analogue modular synthesiser, Distorted Guitar, e-bow guitar, Didgeridoo, Stylophone, programming.
  • Harvey Summers - Accordion, digital sound manipulation.
  • Dalinda - Vocals
  • Lilith - Vocals
  • Eugenia Georgieva - Vocals
  • Simon Webster - Tabla, Req, Bendir, Claps
  • Terry Pack - Double bass
  • Duncan Pope - blues harp
  • Francesca Parr - hammered dulcimer
  • Cem Bingol - solo Saz
  • Jenny Benwell - violin
  • Merlin Shepherd - clarinet, flute, rams horn

Recorded at - the 'expandibubble' studio - Sussex, England Plus location recordings in 'Chaselands' (Dorset), Guestling village hall (sussex), Jersey City (NJ) and San Francisco (CA) (USA).

Produced by Phil Thornton and Harvey Summers Mastered by Harvey Summers at 'Broadoak Studio' - Sussex, England.

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