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Sorcerer (The Mask of Seduction)

The Mask of Seduction

This album started out life as a follow up to 'Shaman' but soon had a life of it's own with the combination of melodic orchestral keyboards and shamanistic chanting, tibetan thigh bone and didgeridoo!

My inspiration for this new fusion was partly due to a growing awareness that there existed a 'gap' between these two musical strands, and partly due to John Wilde's enthusiasm for the project on one of his rare visits to England, bringing forward for the first time in many years his 'Laughing Wolf' character.

The result is a powerful listening experience which seems to take you both forward and backwards in time.


Album Details

Released 1996 by New World Music.

  1. The Mask Of Seduction (20:16)
  2. Kiss Of The Sorcerer (20:32)


  • Phil Thornton - Recorders, keyboards, synthesiser, percussion, rain stick and chant.
  • John Wilde (Laughing Wolf) - Voice.
  • Darren Green - Didgeridoo.
  • Mike Rogers - Tibetan thighbone.
  • Special thanks to 'Ratten World Music Group', Eastbourne, Sussex, for use of the Bullroarer sound.

All music composed, arranged and performed by Phil Thornton.

Produced by Phil Thornton at the Expandibubble studio, Sussex, England.


~ Original sleeve notes by Carmen Willcox ~

An outstanding recording of vision and virtuoso performance.

The music is as intriguing and multi-layered as the face behind the mask. It seduces our senses, and enthralls us with its unearthly beauty. It is one of the most acclaimed and magnificent albums.


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