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The ultimate psychedelic chill out experience

This DVD features a compilation soundtrack from cutting edge world dance music producers, artists and DJs.

The Earthdance production team take you on a global journey with instruments and vocalists from all over the world including Bulgarian and African township choirs, sitars, didgeridoos and percussionists. The world music influences are set against a backdrop of kicking techno, drum 'n' bass, ambient chillout and dance beats combining to a great and truly original effect.

Just as the music blends acoustic with electronica, so the visuals enhance the music with scenes of natural beauty; sunsets, butterfly wings, etc, with modern technical film wizardry all combined into a kalidescopic effect.

The finished result is an organic blend of the ancient and modern great for afterclub chilling or getting the party started. No other DVD brings the clubbing experience to you quite like this one, its a nod to the spiritual side of modern dance music and is highly recommended.

Song Credits -

  1. Nexus - Muse Un Pette Maison (Mantra Mix)
  2. Earthdance - Splittrip
  3. Amoeba 290 - And Why Not
  4. The Out Of Sync Orchestra - Hurricane (25P Mix)
  5. Trakia State Folklore Ensemble - Shoppe Shoppe (Re-Mix By Resin 8)
  6. Ganja Beats - The Pipes Of Zen
  7. Helios - The Wisdom Gate (Short Version)
  8. Adam And Tate - The Way
  9. Earthdance - Call And Response
  10. Harvey Summers - Dragonfly
  11. Phaedrus - Elemental
  12. Mantra - Deeper Sands (Church Of Moog Mix)
  13. Darwinian - Time

Bonus tracks with
fractal images -

  1. Nexus - Muse Un Petite Maison (Mantra Mix)
  2. Darwinian - Time
  3. Adam & Tate - The Way
  4. Earthdance - Call And Response
  5. Earthdance - Splittrip
The Buddha Experience DVD

DVD Details

Released 2004 by Smith & Co. / Libra Films.

Music Production: Realised By Earthdance / Phil Thornton And Simon Williams.

Additional Production: Harvey Summers.

Mastering: Ideal Mastering Ltd., London
Visual Production Credits:
Tracks 1-13 - Edited By Lennart Schaap, Libra Films B.V.
Bonus Tracks 1-4 - Fractal Images Originated And Created By Simon Oldham / Arc Electronics Fractal Images.
Bonus Track 5 - Visuals By Earthdance/Hive Productions.

(P) 2003 The Product Exchange Ltd./Arc Electronics.

All tracks Licensed from the Product Exchange Ltd. London, England


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