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Positive energy.

My first album to be produced entirely at home. A much more relaxed situation to work in. For the first time I had the ability to experiment with out watching the clock!

In some ways this album is a continuation from the previous release 'From Another Sky '. Certainly the instrumentation can be traced back, however there is an optimistic almost 'tropical' atmosphere here which was for me, the heart of this album's concept.


Album Details

Released 1989 by New World Music

Re-released 1999, under exclusive license by Castle Music Limited

  1. Transformation (14:05)
  2. Island Lagoon (11:55)
  3. Casting Pearls (14:58)
  4. Worlds Apart (11:02)

Composed, arranged and performed by Phil Thornton with Ian Barnet on 6 string acoustic guitar.


~ Original sleeve notes by Carmen Willcox ~

Phil Thornton's music has been described as 'visionary - bending the boundaries of listening experience with his intriguing sounds and beautiful melodies'.

Transformation stands out as a mystical and entrancing musical experience, alive with seductive tones and magical moods.

Evocative and deeply inspiring, there are passages of lively rhythm, as well as transcendental beauty and celebration. Performed on 6 and 12 string guitars, recorders, piano and keyboards, this is an instrumental masterpiece of great beauty and transformative impact.



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