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Fire Queen

The success of 'Initiation' gave me the confidence to develop a more 'improvisational' approach and break a few 'style' barriers!

This album combines my interest in ethnic music 'jazz' and classical styles. The title track was written for a live performance on a local t.v. show and reveals a touch of my 'progressive rock' background with its 11/8 time signature and dynamic arrangement. The track 'Salamander' features a shorter than usual didgeridoo (we nick named it 'the racing didge' for obvious reasons!) with quite a different sound to the deep drone of 'Initiation'.

The first track on the album gave me the room to explore the possibilities of texture opened up by the relaxed structure. On reflection this album was a turning point musically as well as the subject matter (fire), which was to lead on to a rich path of inspiration.

Fire Queen (New World release)

Album Details

Released 1991 by New World Music.

Re-released in 1999, under exclusive license, by Castle Music Limited.

  1. Laughing Wolf Madrigal (20:30)
  2. Volcanic Dust (2:20)
  3. Salamander (12:35)
  4. Fire Queen (4:00)
  5. Phoenix (5:16)

Composed, arranged and performed by Phil Thornton with Ian Barnett (acoustic guitar), Steven Cragg (didgeridoo) and Grant Young (fretless bass).


~ Original sleeve notes by Carmen Willcox ~

Powerful and passionate, sensuous and majestic, the strength and fascination of the fire element is matched by the timeless and enticing nature of Phil Thornton's superb composition.

Percussive and inventive instrumentation presents a hypnotic rhythm and free spirited tone reminiscent of the joyous, warm and captivating essence of fire.



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