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Flying (Expandis version)

My first solo album!

Very much in the same style as Expandis, this album features a mix of songs, instrumentals and synthesiser work outs!

The instruments used on this album included the usual 'Expandis' synthesisers plus a hired Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and a borrowed Multimoog and Hohner Clavinet.

Tracks 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 were inspired by the 'Cities in Flight' stories by James Blish.

Missing Picture

Album Details

First released in 1983 on cassette and sold at Gigs, around 1985 the master tapes were lost.

Recently the master tapes have been found plus a suitable reel to reel tape recorder (7½ ips ¼ track) for play back.

I have successfully re-mastered one of these early albums and plan to do the same with this album as soon as possible.

  1. A Real Fire
  2. Does It Make You Dance?
  3. Some People
  4. Colonade (The Summoning)
  5. Nine Percent
  6. Build A Machine
  7. The Unseen
  8. Flying - part 1
  9. Spindizzy
  10. Flying - part 2
  11. Flying - part 3
  12. Touchdown


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