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Natural Magic

Inspired by the work I was doing at that time with Asha Quinn, developing his music into a clear, calming style. This album contains one of my favourite tracks - 'Timeless Passion'.

Natural Magic was released at the same time as 'Initiation' and was overshadowed by that albums success, consequently it never made it to compact disc. In 1997 I gave it a fresh look, ending up with a very atmospheric 'continuous program' album in my 'reflective' tradition.

Natural Magic (Cassette cover)

Album Details

Released by New World Music in 1990

Re-mixed and re-mastered in 1997 (currently waiting for a release date).

  1. Flight Of The Heart
  2. Timeless Passion
  3. Soul Enchantment
  4. Natural Magic

Composed, performed and produced by Phil Thornton with Ian Barnet on 6 and 12 string guitars.


~ Original sleeve notes by Carmen Willcox ~

Exciting and provocative, Natural Magic engenders a beguiling sence of intrigue.

Sensuous and delightful, the undulating musical tapestry entrances our imagination and, revelling in its own joy, charms our hearts too. The instrumentation is magnificent and compelling, at times faintly oriental, and allways deeply mysterious.



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