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Seven Rings

An Instrumental album featuring the didjeridoo, an ancient instrument from Australia, Native Flutes, Ocarina's, Bullroarer and rattles etc. Blended with Analog Synthesisers ( Moog, Korg, Yamaha etc.) Electribe grooveboxes and FX !! This album is a deep exploration of Ancient and Modern instruments and sounds, seamlessly fused in to a sonic journey that begins with the earthy sound of the didgeridoo creating a trance like atmosphere and ends with a joyous uptempo dance vibe !.

Seven Rings

Album Details

Released December 17, 2016
Sika - Didjeridoos, Native Flutes. Bullroarer, Ocarina, Rattles and on location nature recordings. Phil Thornton - Synthesisers, E-Bow guitar, Chicken Flute, Recorders.

  1. 1. Consciousness Shift 08:08
  2. 2. First Light 09:51
  3. 3. Forest Spirit 11:48
  4. 4. Pure 10:27
  5. 5. Seven Rings 09:34
  6. 6. Concentric Circles 08:46
  7. 7. Children Of The Pleiades 05:11


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